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Inspired by people.
Driven by results.

Level20 is the new business incubator for Progressive. We are built on the principle that people face real problems every day, and deserve real solutions. By addressing unmet needs, we provoke growth beyond insurance to develop new ideas, products, and services that help people overcome, succeed, and thrive.


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Not all who wander in the metroparks are lost

This is an open environment where you can always feel confident about being 100% yourself. We want you to dare to disagree. Because that's how growth happens, and that's what we're all about.

Azadeh Hardiman, Business Leader, Level20

Who we are

Alarmingly Curious

We are a radically diverse group of individuals with a common attribute: insatiable curiosity about the world around us. This curiosity drives us to explore real world problems—big and small—and use collaboration, technology, and human insight to create smart solutions for our customers.

Alarmingly Curious
Azadeh Hardiman Business LeadAzadeh Hardiman
Business Leader, Level 20
Dominic Valentino Growth Engine DirectorDominic Valentino
Growth Engine Director
Christian Carter Product StrategistChristian Carter
Product Strategist
Ariel Menkin Initiative DirectorAriel Menkin
Initiative Director
Ravae Dos-Reis Product StrategistRevae Dos-Reis
Product Strategist
Feras Dieratany Full Stack DeveloperFeras Dieratany
Full Stack Developer
Craig Israel Copywriter / Brand StrategistCraig Israel
Copywriter / Brand Strategist
Ben Siegel OperationsBen Siegel
Dennyela Reever Full Stack DeveloperDenny Reever
Full Stack Developer
Erika Vigliucci Full Stack DeveloperErika Vigliucci
Full Stack Developer
Chris Crawford Full Stack DeveloperChris Crawford
Full Stack Developer
Tomeka Robinson Initiative DirectorTomeka Robinson
Initiative Director
Office Administrator Katherine SchieleKatherine Schiele
Office Administrator
Jack Gazdik Growth MarketingJack Gazdik
Growth Marketing
Jason Hoehnen Initiative DirectorJason Hoehnen
Initiative Director
Augusto Torres Operations Specialist Augusto Torres
Operations Specialist
Mandy Miller Initiative DirectorMandy Miller
Initiative Director
Allen Layne Operations SpecialistAllen Layne
Operations Specialist
Marilyn Kaufman Product StrategistMarilyn Kaufman
Product Strategist
Nicole Capuana Product StrategistNicole Capuana
Product Strategist
Amma Odum Product DesignerAmma Odum
Product Designer
Ruei Chen Product StrategistRuei Chen
Product Strategist
Product Designer Shelby MuterShelby Muter
Product Designer
Stuart Tannehill Full Stack DeveloperStuart Tannehill
Full Stack Developer 大家好
Product Designer Thomas NebesarThomas Nebesar
Product Designer
Gina Larocca Product DesignerGina Larocca
Product Designer
Sandesh Yadav Full Stack DeveloperSandesh Yadav
Full Stack Developer
David Upson Security ConsultantDavid Upson
Security Consultant
John Stevens Full Stack DeveloperJohn Stevens
Full Stack Developer
Carolyn Kearney Product StrategistCarolyn Kearney
Product Strategist
Matthew Sarznyiak Full Stack DeveloperMatthew Sarznyiak
Full Stack Developer
Michael McCauley Product DesignerMichael McCauley
Product Designer
Tim Boesel Product DesignerTim Boesel
Product Designer
Nate Black Data Scientist LeadNate Black
Data Scientist Lead
Karthik Kunchukuttan Full Stack DeveloperKarthik Kunchukuttan
Full Stack Developer
Matt Thompson Full Stack DeveloperMatt Thompson
Full Stack Developer
Shi-Kwan (SK) Tan Full Stack DeveloperShi-Kwan (SK) Tan
Full Stack Developer
Joseph Fruscella Full Stack DeveloperJoseph Fruscella
Full Stack Developer
Adam Zimmerman Data AnalystAdam Zimmerman
Data Analyst
Lauren Nelson Product StrategistLauren Nelson
Product Strategist
Sarah Thompson Lead Data AnalystSarah Thompson
Lead Data Analyst
Becky Malaga Product StrategistBecky Malaga
Product Strategist
Katherine Readey Product StrategistKatherine Readey
Product Strategist
Ravi Patel Lead Product StrategistRavi Patel
Lead Product Strategist
David Stoehr Product StrategistDavid Stoehr
Product Strategist
Tucker Cozzens Full Stack DeveloperTucker Cozzens
Full Stack Developer
Tim Schluckebier Operations LeadTim Schluckebier
Operations Lead
James Ingraham Senior Operations SpecialistJames Ingraham
Senior Operations Specialist
Kaori Frank Senior Digital Media SpecialistKaori Frank
Senior Digital Media Specialist
Sabrina Peacock Senior Operations SpecialistSabrina Peacock
Senior Operations Specialist
Surendra Nimmagadda ArchitectSurendra Nimmagadda
Anna Yunker Product StrategistAnna Yunker
Product Strategist
Carson Gabriel Process ConsultantCarson Gabriel
Process Consultant
Caryn Donnellan Lead Product StrategistCaryn Donnellan
Lead Product Strategist
Jaylyn Robinson-Hall Sales & Service SpecialistJaylyn Robinson-Hall
Sales & Service Specialist
Lisa Szpak Sales SpecialistLisa Szpak
Sales Specialist
Kylie Halbrook Operations StrategistKylie Halbrook
Operations Strategist
Andrea Solinski Lead Operations StrategistAndrea Solinski
Lead Operations Strategist
Chris Harvan Lead Data AnalystChris Harvan
Lead Data Analyst
Atul Ohja Full Stack DeveloperAtul Ohja
Full Stack Developer
Connor Hunt Data ScientistConnor Hunt
Data Scientist
Vivian Kuper CRM/Claims LeadVivian Kuper
CRM/Claims Lead
Kenn Louis UX Design LeadKenn Louis
UX Design Lead
2023 Level 20 team

What makes us different

Built to solve problems

There are a lot of incubators out there, but Level20 is purposefully designed to be different. Our focus isn’t just on cool technology—although we totally love emerging tech—but rather addressing real problems for real people using the most effective methods.

Every business we build doesn’t have to be an insane moonshot, but they are expected to produce results. Our teams are empowered to experiment, design, build, and even kill and rethink products when they aren’t working. In the end, our goal is to launch businesses that make lives more successful and satisfying.


We operate in lean, fast–acting, cross–disciplinary teams with the full resources and support of Progressive behind us. This allows us to focus on creating outstanding businesses that deliver tangible results. Our corporate support starts from the top down and extends throughout Progressive, meaning we’re here for the long haul.


We can test our ideas swiftly and widely, thanks to the relationship with our parent company. With literally millions of existing customers and a vast brand footprint, we can ensure our solutions work at any scale, with every customer type, and in any geographic area.


People are at the center of everything we do. We’ve assembled an incredibly diverse team of curious and creative problem solvers who are driven to make real, lasting change in the world. We allow ourselves to be open, vulnerable, and authentic to unleash genuine connection and deep collaboration that creates real results.

Team structure

Diverse perspectives.
Single-minded mission.

We work in small, multi–disciplinary teams to tackle projects together, from end to end. No competing business goals. No silos. No “turf.” Just frictionless collaboration where every individual contributes their unique perspective and skills to every stage of the project.

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Ohio! That’s where your dad’s friend is from

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lakefront cleveland skyline

Our Office

We love our city and our space.

We’re located in a renovated warehouse in downtown Cleveland, smack-dab in the heart of the historic Warehouse District. The neighborhood is a vibrant part of town, brimming with restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, storefronts, and beautiful views of the city and Lake Erie.

the level 20 office
indians game from outfield
level 20 teammates out to dinner
the level 20 kitchen
terminal tower in cleveland